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Creative Writing

We pride ourselves on the detailed feedback we give to pupils on their creative writing papers. At school, teachers simply do not have the time to go over a pupil's work with such attention to detail. We receive very positive comments from parents and pupils as to how helpful our creative writing paper is. Our creative writing expert is Karen Francis.

She has an English degree, has worked in a school for twelve years, assisting pupils with their writing skills and has won a prize for a short story she has written. Karen has been marking our papers for seven years. Such experience means she is able to give very sound advice as to how a pupil can improve their writing skills. We approached Karen to see if she would be willing to offer a creative writing paper monthly. We feel that many pupils would benefit from this. Karen agreed and said: "I think it would be great for pupils to be able to practise their creative writing on a regular basis and get feedback each time. This would really focus a pupil on areas that can be improved upon." Therefore, at the beginning of each month we have set a creative writing task.

If you are interested you can download the task. Once the pupil has completed the task please email Karen at and she will give you the address to post the paper to for marking. You can also send the composition electronically.

The cost will be £12 per paper, payable by cheque or electronically, which we believe is excellent value for money as each paper will receive extensive feedback.

You can use this service as a one-off, or regularly as a means to further creative writing experience and skills.

You may choose a title from any month to submit, and you are also welcome to submit a creative writing piece of your own.

Download the first creative writing task Creating Writing 1.

Download the second creative writing task Creating Writing 2.

Download the third creative writing task Creating Writing 3.

Download the fourth creative writing task Creating Writing 4.

Download the fifth creative writing task Creating Writing 5.

Download the sixth creative writing task Creating Writing 6.

Download the seventh creative writing task Creating Writing 7.

Download an assortment of creative writing tasks for use at any time Creative Writing Assortment.

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