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11+ Mock Tests in Sutton

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Schedule and Venues

ElevenPlusMock (11+Mock) will host its 2021 Mock Tests in June and July. As always with ElevenPlusMock, you may choose which tests you would like your children to sit.
As the tests are long and demanding we recommend that children take no more than four tests in a day.

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2021 11+ Mock Test Dates. New Papers each month.
Dates Venue Book now Times School year Papers
5 June 2021
Cheam Parochial Hall results Results
year 5 Set A
11+ only
24 July 2021
Cheam Parochial Hall completed Completed year 5 Set B
11+ only
31 July 2021
Cheam Parochial Hall sold out SOLD OUT year 5 Set B
11+ only
14 August 2021
Cheam Parochial Hall booking allowed am and pm year 5 Set C
11+ only

Mock Tests for 2021:
Morning session

Arrival time: 8.50 am

  1. First Test 9.20 am
  2. Second Test 10.20 am
  3. Third Test 11.20 am
  4. Fourth Test 12.20 pm

for Set C only:

  1. Numeracy 9.20 am
  2. Literacy 10.10 am
  3. Maths 11.10 am
  4. English 12.00 pm
Premises will be closed for lunch
between 1.00 pm and 1.30 pm

Mock Tests for 2021:
Afternoon session

Arrival time: 1.30 pm

  1. First Test 2.00 pm
  2. Second Test 3.00 pm

for Set C only:

  1. Numeracy 2.00 pm
  2. Literacy 2.50 pm
  3. Maths 3.50 pm
  4. English 4.40 pm
All tests in the 2021 season will last for 40 minutes.
There will be a break of about 10 minutes between each paper for refreshments etc.

Our venues are:

The Parochial Hall
42 The Broadway

About half a mile east from Nonsuch High School for Girls.

Sutton College
St Nicholas Way

About one mile east from Nonsuch High School for Girls.

Glyn School
The Kingsway
KT17 1NB

About one mile west from Nonsuch High School for Girls.

Students are welcome to bring snacks with them, although there will be no food allowed in the exam hall.

The Parochial Rooms, Glyn School & Sutton College:
Due to the size and layout of all venues, we are sorry that no parents will be able to stay during the Tests.
We will request that you leave your name and mobile phone number at the desk in case we need to contact you.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at

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